Who We Are

MyHealth Access Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization offering physicians and patients the most effective,  cutting-edge technology available in health care information.  Patient care is improved because providers and specialists have direct access to one another to collaborate on patient care.  Providers are able to instantly access patient health information through a secure connection.

MyHealth and its stakeholders also recognize the need to coordinate care with many different agencies, catering not only to a person’s physical health but to all the social determinants of a more healthful life.

We believe the 5 rights of health information: Right patient, right provider, right information at the right time in the right setting. We believe in the individual right to privacy and security and we value a healthy community.

MyHealth was one of 17 ONC-funded Beacon Communities interested in building and strengthening local health IT infrastructure and testing innovative approaches to make measurable improvement in health, care and cost. Our organization focuses on health information exchange, community-wide care coordination, community-wide clinical decision support, patient engagement and shared decision making and quality improvement through interventions such as provider portal, electronic referrals, online consultation, advanced community health analytics, provider alerts and care gap analysis.

We provide the platform upon which Oklahoma leaders affect change through the use of innovative healthcare technology and dissemination of impactful information.

MyHealth History

What You Need & Want

Frameworks to Facilitate Health Improvement

We link more than 4,000 providers

For Clinicians

Improving the health of our community by using the tools and reports in MyHealth,  you will play an important role in improving health outcomes in our community. MyHealth helps physicians Increase quality and decrease cost all while working towards Meaningful Use.

Improve your health care

For Patients

MyHealth Access Network will link providers and their patients in a community-wide health information network that will help Improve the health of patients, reduce inefficiency and waste, and coordinate care more effectively to meet and exceed the requirements of a rapidly changing health care environment.