MyHealth and Orion Health to Partner on State Health Information Exchange Project

OKLAHOMA CITY – MyHealth Access Network and Orion Health are new partners after the Oklahoma Health Care Authority announced MyHealth has entered a contract with the State of Oklahoma to operate as the state designated entity for the Health Information Exchange (HIE) for Oklahoma.

The non-profit, MyHealth, which has been operating as an HIE in Oklahoma since 2010, has been designated in a sole source agreement with the state of Oklahoma to operate Oklahoma’s new statewide HIE network, with responsibility to manage and deploy the Orion Health technology procured by the state in 2021, which features the Orion Health Amadeus data platform as well as services and technical solutions from HealthTech Solutions LLC. This will enable the state of Oklahoma to have a single, consolidated HIE to connect health care providers in the state and allow health information to flow seamlessly to and from authorized organizations in Oklahoma.

“The currency HIEs run on is trust, and MyHealth has spent years building trust in the health care community,” said MyHealth CEO Dr. David Kendrick. “Our partnership with both the state and Orion Health means MyHealth members can look forward to the same focus on security, service and speed, now with additional access to enhanced reporting and analytics products and other technical services.” 

The MyHealth network currently links more than 4,000 Oklahoma healthcare providers and more than 4 million patients within and beyond Oklahoma who now have their complete health record available wherever and whenever they seek care.

Orion Health delivers a comprehensive package of software, services and support that aims to improve efficiency, quality and enables providers to extract meaningful insights and make more accurate decisions about patient care.

Orion Health’s Chief HIE Strategy Officer Chad Peterson said MyHealth’s established data sharing agreements, its large base of existing data connections and users, and the support it has built in the health care community are vital elements to the success of the state’s HIE infrastructure.

“We are excited to partner with MyHealth to rapidly expand the use and benefits of HIE services in the state,” said Peterson.   

Some of the goals of the partnership between MyHealth, Orion Health, and the Oklahoma Health Care Authority include:

  • Reducing health care costs associated with redundant testing, preventable hospital re-admissions, and preventable repeat emergency department visits,
  • Improving care coordination during transitions between health care settings,
  • Improving patients’ experience,
  • Bringing private sector and state leaders and organizations together to leverage HIE resources in meaningful ways to improve effectiveness and cost efficiency of health care in Oklahoma.

“This partnership is an important next step on our journey towards creating a safer and more effective health care delivery system for all 4 million Oklahomans and millions more in neighboring states. By adding Orion Health’s technology platform to MyHealth’s extensive network of providers and boots-on-the-ground experience, we are taking a major leap forward when it comes to our HIE infrastructure,” said Carter Kimble, Executive Director of the State Health Information Exchange.