Marty Jensen

Marty Jensen

Director, Special Projects

Marty Jensen has over 25 years’ experience developing and implementing innovative projects in healthcare information technology. As an early adopter in PC, networking, digital imaging, and high capacity data storage technologies, he rode successive waves that would transform both the technology industry and the delivery and administration of healthcare. He served as a technical advisor on one of the nation’s first electronic medical records systems, and worked as project manager on an enterprise-wide implementation of the HIPAA Transactions and Code Sets Standards.

At the national level, he served as a volunteer leader for the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI), and participated in the development of American Standards Committee X12’s 5010 versions of the 837 Electronic Health Care Claim and 835 Claim Payment Advice transaction standards. Bringing diverse industry players together in dialogue, he helped initiate collaborations between the American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, America's Health Insurance Plans, and public healthcare executives in refining and enhancing the data content of standard transactions to increase adoption rates and overall value for all parties.

As an entrepreneur and consultant, Marty has worked for provider organizations large and small, public and private health plans, and healthcare information technology companies. He was editor and publisher of the HITSync Digest of Health IT Reporting and The HIT Transition Weblog, and producer and primary presenter of Flash Point Health IT Webinars, a series that explored current topics in policy, technology, and business relationships in the healthcare sector.

More recently, Marty led teams to implement the ICD-10 Diagnosis and Procedure Code standards for Medicaid agencies in multiple states, and helped put together a team to manage and reconcile enrollment errors stemming from the implementation of the Affordable Care Act marketplace. Marty is a popular conference speaker on the topics of collaborative efforts to improve healthcare delivery via pragmatic technology standards and interoperability, and has published white papers, analytical pieces, and editorials on healthcare IT policy and implementation.

Marty is a graduate of Binghamton University (State University of New York).