Work for MyHealth Access Network – Your role at MyHealth will help to provide the platform upon which provider leaders affect change through the use of innovative healthcare technology and the dissemination of impactful information. Our work is constantly expanding to new geographies and provider entities (e.g., Hospitals, clinics, labs, payers, social service agencies and other clinical organizations) wanting to transform the way they deliver services.

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Positions Open:

Director, Human Resources

The Director, Human Resources position will report to the Director, Operations and Program Management and will be responsible for managing the entire life-cycle recruiting process. This position will play a key role in supporting the design of a positive and productive culture within an entrepreneurial environment. In addition, this individual will take ownership of the employee relations function and will assist with investigations and due diligence when needed. The individual will work closely with department heads and other hiring leaders, and will be responsible for successful on-boarding and integration of new employees.
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Informatics Analyst – Programs

The MyHealth Informatics Analyst position will initially focus on a project to design and deliver an integrated data ecosystem for the early childhood domain. BEST program performance will benefit with access to improved family data. The Informatics Analyst role will gather and interpret data requests, present expected impacts to governance oversight, complete privacy and security reviews, design and deliver performance reporting, coordinate with any required vendors representing MyHealth perspectives and priorities.

The position will specifically be responsible for data analytics, stakeholder management and communications and strategic consulting/ problem solving.
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Project Manager

The MyHealth Project Manager position will initially focus on managing a project that will enable data governance, design and deploy an early childhood data ecosystem and support the design and delivery of one of more technology initiatives to enable BEST processes.

The position will specifically be responsible for project management, stakeholder management and communications and strategic consulting/ problem solving.
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Account Relationship Manager

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Database Administrator (DBA)

The position will oversees, advise, and execute on all aspects of the MyHealth Analytics database environment. This would include anything from initial database architecture design through implementation, administration, monitoring, tuning, back-up, migration, and support.

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Health Informatics Analyst

Advise and execute the vision for MyHealth analytics products and services with MyHealth leadership.

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Privacy & Security Analyst

The Privacy & Security Analyst will work closely with the MyHealth Privacy & Security Officer to help insure MyHealth abides by all applicable security policies and HIPAA regulations.

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