Opting Out and Opt Out Revocation

We take your privacy very seriously, and information shared through MyHealth is protected with the highest forms of security, including encryption and secured connections.  We know that you must trust that your information is safe.  MyHealth complies with all state and federal laws (including HIPAA) to protect your information.

If your doctor is a participant in MyHealth you are included in the network.  You may opt out or revoke your opt-out decision if you wish. See what that means and how to do it using the forms below.  You may mail the forms in directly after a notary verifies your identity, or simply deliver the form to your participating healthcare provider. MyHealth will send you a confirmation letter after processing your request.

MyHealth Opt Out Form (English)
MyHealth Opt Out Form (Spanish)
MyHealth Return (Revoke Opt Out) Form (English)
My Health Return (Revoke Opt Out) Form (Spanish)