Joe Walker

Senior VP Tech Services and Compliance

Mr. Joe Walker, CISSP, MSIE is the HIPAA Security Officer and HIPAA Privacy Officer for MyHealth Access Network. Mr. Walker is an advocate for effective systems solutions, a patient privacy advocate, a system engineer, a data scientist, a technologist, and security expert. Mr. Walker oversees, advises, and assists in delivery of effective strategies and solutions for technology, data governance, data privacy, data availability, data integrity, data confidentiality, organizational policy, contracting, and government grants. Mr. Walker helped launch MyHealth Access Network, and coordinated the development of its legal framework, with the committee and board governance structure that has and continues to facilitate transparency and participation for all of its members in the evolution of MyHealth’s policies and services. Mr. Walker participated in the formation of the Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (, and helped develop the policy and technical architecture of the nationwide Patient Centered Data Home™ initiative (, and continues to coordinate activities for the PCDH Central Region. Mr. Walker has previously developed business intelligence and decision support solutions for a Fortune 500 company, and has served as adjunct academic faculty at local colleges. Mr. Walker is a Certified Information System Security Professional (, and holds a Masters of Science in Industrial & System Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.