…for Physicians and Other Healthcare Professionals

MyHealth Access Network links more than 2,000 providers and their patients in a community-wide health information system that will help provider’s better monitor and improve care to:

  • Reduce health care costs associated with redundant testing, hospital admissions, and emergency department visits
  • Improve care coordination during transitions between health care settings
  • Improve patients’ experience and ability to take control of their own health
  • Improve quality care for the state of Oklahoma and its nearly 4 million patients
  • Bring community leaders and organizations together to utilize health information in meaningful ways to improve community care

…for Patients

If you’ve ever had to fill out the same form several times, or new forms with the same information, you’ve experienced the need for information sharing between doctors. Because patients may see several different physicians besides their primary care provider, different sets of medical records for the same patient can be found in different offices. This creates annoying paperwork for you, the patient, but also creates a very real risk that you could be prescribed a medication that you are allergic to, or are already taking, or that you will receive the same tests you have already undergone (and paid for). In the unfortunate event that you are unable to give a complete medical history to the doctor (for example, in the event of a car accident, or if you don’t recall all of your medicines or test results from memory), MyHealth Access Network is there to provide that information to the doctor, and ensure that you get the highest quality care at every encounter.  Click here to read more about your right to privacy and options.

…for the Community

As an independent, nonprofit organization, we are dedicated to serving all of MyHealths’s healthcare stakeholders including physicians, hospitals, behavioral health, emergency medical services, public health, long-term care, laboratories, imaging centers, health plans, communities and patients. In partnership with the communities and people we serve, we have developed rigorous data use policies and a strong trust network. This is the essential foundation of our HIE network and crucial to effective data exchange.

Accountable Health Community (AHC)

As an AHC community, social needs, not just medical needs, are addressed to improved health. The Route 66 Consortium, Tulsa and Oklahoma counties, will screen over 75,000 Oklahoman’s annually to address core areas of Food Insecurity, Housing Insecurity, Utility needs, Transportation and Interpersonal Violence. Navigation services will be offered to those that qualify to connect them to area services to support healthy behaviors.
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Redefining Interoperability

Transmitting Standards Isn't Good Enough