Connection Fee Assistance Program

As the State Designated Entity for Health Information Exchange (HIE), MyHealth is dedicated to maximizing the benefits of the latest funding opportunity by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. Through a new partnership, OFMQ has joined MyHealth to see that this opportunity reaches as many Oklahoma providers as possible.  

Oklahoma has allocated $30 million in state funds for one-time Health Information Exchange (HIE) connection fees, a significant step towards strengthening health information exchange between providers and ensuring every patient has their complete health record available wherever and whenever they need it for decisions about their care. Eligibility extends to all licensed healthcare providers in Oklahoma and their organizations. Funding beyond June 30, 2024, is limited, so prompt action is essential. 

Participating in the Connection Fee Assistance Program is straightforward. Start your application journey with MyHealth for streamlined access. After initiating the process, submit your program application and await confirmation from the Office of the State Coordinator for HIE. Remember, the program operates on a first-come, first-served basis, so timing is crucial. 

At MyHealth, we’re more than just a service provider; we’re paving the way for improved healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. If you have any questions regarding this opportunity, contact MyHealth at, and embark on a journey towards enhanced healthcare connectivity.