Governance, Privacy, & Security


MyHealth is an Oklahoma non-profit 501(c)3 organization. The Network is overseen and governed by the Board of Directors, who are leaders intentionally selected from all segments of Oklahoma’s healthcare industry to ensure MyHealth is serving the interests of the entire community. Our Board includes representatives of patients, doctors, health systems, community clinics, medical schools, tribal health, health insurers, allied health, and employers. MyHealth’s mission to improve the health of Oklahoman’s, the quality of care received by each individual, and to lower the cost of healthcare were the founding principles and remain the guiding objectives of all decisions made by the organization. MyHealth welcomes input and involvement. Please contact us to learn more about us.

Privacy and Security

MyHealth takes the responsibility of protecting personal health information very seriously. In addition to complying with all state and federal health privacy laws (including HIPAA), the organizations that helped found MyHealth developed policies that have shaped the culture of this project.


MyHealth privacy policies establish the rules by which we operate, which include the following:

  • Access to data from MyHealth providers is only provided to MyHealth participants, who are healthcare organizations in good standing, which are individually approved by MyHealth’s Board of Directors, or to organizations participating in similar partner health information networks that are approved by MyHealth’s Board of Directors and offer compatible privacy protections.
  • Only the people whose jobs require it are authorized to access your records for purposes of treatment, payment, or healthcare operations.
  • All individuals with access are trained to understand the rules and consequences for misuse (which can include federal breach penalties, imprisonment, and termination of employment).
  • All access is recorded in audit logs and is reviewed regularly for compliance.
  • Individuals have the right to opt out (


MyHealth uses certified information security experts to actively maintain the most effective industry safeguards possible to protect the sensitive information that is maintained through our network. We employ the most current security safeguards, and are regularly evaluating, monitoring and responding to threats. MyHealth systems were designed and continue to be evaluated by a third-party world-class information technology security company, and are regularly scheduled for secondary independent professional review. All critical information is strongly encrypted, and is protected behind multiple layers of safeguards designed to prevent, detect, and respond rapidly to evolving threats.

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