Who We Serve

Think of MyHealth as a “health care public utility”.

MyHealth Access Network is a health information network that provides secure, online access to a comprehensive view of  patients’ health care records for providers, including specialists, hospitals, ancillary care providers, etc.

Members of MyHealth Access Network can share medical records, perform referrals,  obtain lab and pharmacy data electronically, submit reportable data to the Oklahoma Health Department and share data between electronic medical records (EMR).

By participating in the MyHealth network, a complete  picture of patient medical care-from test results and allergies to X-rays-is available with the click of a mouse.

This secure data also makes it possible for MyHealth to generate snapshots of your community’s, highlighting current statistics and possible trends.

Data Quality Improvement

The Role of a Data Aggregator

Collection for Use

  • Develop Source System Connections
  • Maintain Data Feeds
  • Store in an Accessible Data Structure