MyHealth Access Network Partners with Audacious Inquiry to Facilitate Better Healthcare in Oklahoma

Partnership will enable MyHealth to enhance coordinated care for people across the state

TULSA and BALTIMORE – October 19th, 2021 – Today, MyHealth Access Network (MyHealth), Oklahoma’s non-profit Health Information Exchange helping doctors deliver safer and more efficient healthcare through the secure sharing of medical records, announced a partnership with Audacious Inquiry to facilitate better healthcare for Oklahomans.

The partnership will ensure MyHealth member hospitals have the capabilities in place to be able to elect and satisfy the new CMS Condition of Participation (CoP) e-Notification requirement. This requirement mandates all Medicare and Medicaid hospitals with certified electronic health record systems send electronic notifications to a patient’s primary care provider and care team members, including community and post-acute providers, when patients are admitted, transferred, or discharged.

“Modern healthcare is difficult for patients to navigate and for doctors to coordinate. By adding new care coordination and alerting capabilities, we are taking an important step to ensure Oklahomans receive the best possible healthcare,” said Dr. David Kendrick, MyHealth’s CEO. “This partnership with Audacious Inquiry will enable providers across the state to better serve their patients.”

“Audacious Inquiry is solving basic, critical challenges of making the healthcare system more connected,” said Scott Afzal, President of Audacious Inquiry. “Providers need timely insights to be proactive throughout patients’ healthcare journeys, and we are proud to work closely with MyHealth to improve care coordination in Oklahoma.”

For more information about the CoP e-Notification requirements, Audacious Inquiry published a comprehensive eBook “New CMS Conditions of Participation: What Hospitals Need to Know” available to download here.

About MyHealth Access Network

MyHealth Access Network is Oklahoma’s non-profit health information exchange created in 2010 by a grassroots coalition of healthcare industry stakeholders across the state. Members of MyHealth include doctors, hospitals, health insurance companies, home care providers, long-term care facilities, tribal health systems, first responders, behavioral health clinics, pharmacies, public health agencies and more. Through MyHealth’s network, members securely and efficiently exchange electronic health records comprising over 110,000 Oklahoma patient encounters per day. MyHealth offers a provider portal, social needs screening, secure messaging, and healthcare analytics to assist members while caring for patients. MyHealth was a Beacon Community awardee from ONC and has served as the convener and data aggregator for CMMI’s Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative, CPC+, and Primary Care First demonstration models as well as serving as a Bridging Organization for the CMMI Accountable Health Communities program. MyHealth empowers its members by providing a more complete picture of the right patient to the right provider at the right time. To learn more, about MyHealth, visit

About Audacious Inquiry  

Audacious Inquiry is a national industry-shaping health IT company that provides a connected care platform facilitating the secure transmission of actionable, accurate, and event-driven data across the U.S. healthcare system. Audacious Inquiry’s pioneering software solutions help providers and care managers be proactive during the most important moments, including during transitions of care. This information helps at-risk providers and payers working within value-based arrangements reduce costs and improve patient outcomes. With years of experience developing health data exchanges at the federal and state level, Audacious Inquiry is a trusted partner to health plans, health systems, Health Information Exchange Organizations, public health agencies, and federal, state, and local government agencies across the country. Audacious Inquiry’s trusted solutions, which include its flagship Encounter Notification Service® (ENS) and the Patient Unified Lookup System for Emergencies™ (PULSE), serve more than 70 million people nationwide. For more information, visit us at, or follow us on Twitter at @A_INQ.