MyHealth Withdraws Protest of OKSHINE Bidding Process to Focus on Collaborative Solution

The MyHealth Access Network Board of Directors has voted to withdraw their ongoing protest of the State’s Health Information Exchange purchasing process that led to Boston-based Orion Health being selected as the Health Information Exchange (HIE) vendor for the Oklahoma State Health Information Network and Exchange (OKSHINE) project. Originally filed on January 11th, the Protest has been escalated to an administrative law judge, with hearings scheduled to occur July 13, 2021. MyHealth has directed its attorneys to withdraw the filing as MyHealth and OKSHINE turn their attention toward actions that support the goal of statewide connectivity to improve care delivery and health outcomes in Oklahoma.

Founded and in continuous operation since 2009 as an Oklahoma non-profit, MyHealth currently connects 80 percent of the health data generated in Oklahoma, ensuring that doctors and hospital systems have the health information they need to provide the best, most effective care to their patients. More than 100,000 patient encounters per day are handled by MyHealth and millions of Oklahomans have benefited by having their complete health record available whenever and wherever they receive care. 

Leaders at MyHealth said their focus now is to work collaboratively with OKSHINE, the Legislature, and other stakeholders to help achieve the goal of statewide HIE connectivity and participation. MyHealth brings more than a decade of experience and Oklahoma’s most extensive HIE network to the effort.

“The health of Oklahomans is too important and there is simply too much work to do for us to get bogged down any longer in legal proceedings,” said Dr. David Kendrick, MyHealth’s CEO. “The work done by the hundreds of healthcare organizations participating in MyHealth over the past decade has saved lives and made our health care system more cost-effective. Our network – which is composed of the state’s largest health care providers, hospitals, and tribal health systems – has to play a role in ensuring OKSHINE builds on that progress and success. That means working with the state on establishing a working platform, aiding in connectivity, and assisting with the establishment of governance that can ensure patient privacy and security.”

OKSHINE Director Carter Kimble welcomed the development.

“Our mission is to have Oklahomans’ health information travel with them regardless of where they are being served. We look forward to partnering with MyHealth and working towards that common goal,” said Kimble.