MyHealth Works to Support Birth Through Eight Strategy for Tulsa (BEST)

MyHealth Access Network has partnered with ImpactTulsa, George Kaiser Family Foundation (GKFF) and the Center for Public Research and Leadership (CPRL) to support Continuous Learning & Improvement in Tulsa as part of the Birth through Eight Strategy for Tulsa (BEST). BEST knits together programs and services to create an integrated and seamless continuum of support for children and families in Tulsa County. This comprehensive strategy is designed to break the inter-generational cycle of poverty.


A key component of BEST’s theory of change is strengthening key partner organizations. The Continuous Learning & Improvement work led by MyHealth and Impact Tulsa, organizations serving backbone functions for BEST, will play a critical role in organizational strengthening efforts. MyHealth’s work will focus primarily on supporting BEST implementing partners whose work is aligned to two of BEST’s four goal areas: increasing the percentage of healthy births and children raised in safe and nurturing homes.


In February and April, CPRL was engaged to facilitate training for BEST implementing partners representing public and non-profit agencies providing programs and services across the preconception through age eight continuum to children and families from low income communities. Partners determined problems of practice to focus on and develop change ideas to implement in their own work, all while learning strategies to help drive a culture of continuous improvement within their organizations. Moving forward, MyHealth and ImpactTulsa will continue to train and support organizations on utilizing the Continuous Learning & Improvement approach to impact BEST outcomes including healthy births, safe & nurturing homes, pre-k readiness, and 3rd grade success.


Lauren Thiesse, Quality Improvement Manager at MyHealth, is playing an integral role leading MyHealth’s work to design, deploy and operate this approach across BEST partners focused on the first two BEST outcome measures stated above. Currently, Lauren is supporting these organizations as a follow-up to recent training in running tests and analyzing data. We are excited to share that Lauren is focused on the continuous improvement lens not only with our work within BEST but also Accountable Health Communities and our MyHealth work internally!